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Name: Postings and Promotion Policy - Interim
Responsible Office: Student Affairs Office

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)

Faculty , Staff , Students

Policy Overview:

Issued: 01-15-2018
Next Review Date: 04-16-2021
Frequency of Reviews: Annually

The St. Louis College of Pharmacy recognizes the need to provide students an avenue to post and advertise events and information for their various activities. The College also takes its role as a steward of the environment seriously. This includes balancing the overall aesthetic appearance of campus with the need for student information sharing. Therefore, this policy has been developed to provide guidelines and procedures by which students, groups and organizations can post materials at various specifically designated areas in or around STLCOP Facilities. The Posting and Promotions Policy applies to the posting of printed and electronic announcements and promotions on campus including event-related information, promotions, publicity materials and fundraising collateral. The policy outlines guidelines for posting and sharing information anywhere on campus including sidewalks, bulletin boards, video boards and any other display areas.

Applies to students, student organizations, student-affiliated organizations, and the faculty/staff advisors for student groups.

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Taping, gluing, tacking, or using other adhesive materials to affix an announcement or promotion to a surface.

Bulletin Board

A cork board adhered to hallways and poles to tack flyers to.


Any announcement or promotion directed to members of the campus community, including flyers, posters, sidewalk chalk, table tents, or video board display.

Video Board

A flat screen television in a communal space that’s primary purpose is for advertisement

Alertus Beacons

Alertus Beacons are a part of the STLCOP emergency notification system. In the event of an emergency, they will sound an alarm and display LED lights to grab attention and the emergency message will scroll across the front of the beacon.



1.    All students are required to follow a prescribed approval process prior to posting announcements and promotions on campus.

2.    Announcements and promotions may only be posted in the locations identified within the policy.

3.    Guidelines for postings:
    a.    Content should be informative/educational and in accordance with STLCOP values
    b.    Items may not include offensive language, offensive art work, references to alcohol, and/or references to illegal substances
    c.    Flyers should measure 11x17 or smaller
    d.    Posting on doors is not permitted. The only exception is for special or emergency all-campus announcements (e.g. College closures, holiday office hours)
    e.    Postings for external businesses (i.e. employment, apartment listings, etc.) are limited to one flyer per building. All external business flyers must be approved by the Vice President, College Services or the Institutional Events Manager.
    f.    Tacks must be used on bulletin boards
    g.    A student worker from Student Affairs will post all flyers to ensure that they are put in designated areas

4.    Locations for posting:
    a.    Jones Hall: on bulletin boards and hallway posts covered with bulletin board material
    b.    Academic and Research Building: library bulletin boards on 1st and 2nd floors; above the copy machine on the 3rd floor
    c.    Recreation and Student Center: 3rd floor bulletin board located near the fitness center and 4th floor bulletin boards located near the student organization offices and the student lounge.
    d.    South Residence Hall: bulletin board by entryway, first floor lobby by the elevators
    e.    For posting in the Residence Halls (North and South): please provide 25 copies (with approval stamp) to the Student Affairs desk (RAS 4th floor) for distribution to the Resident Assistants/Community Liaisons (they will post on their floors)
5.    Guidelines for Table Tents:
    a.    Table tents may be utilized for advertising events and activities
    b.    Table tents should be printed on cardstock and approved to the same standards as flyers
    c.    Table tents can be placed on the RAS Café tables for up to a week (Monday-Sunday)
    d.    40 table tents should be posted (one on every-other table)

6.    Guidelines for Chalking:
    a.    Sidewalk chalk is available to be checked out from the office of the Director of Student Development and Engagement
    b.    No brick surfaces, sides of buildings, windows, or covered sidewalks should be utilized for chalking.
    c.    Chalk on sidewalks that are not under an overhang
    d.    The message should be brief and clear.
    e.    Chalk design should be concise and professional as well as include the date and time of event.
    f.    Return chalk to the Director of Student Development and Engagement on the day it was checked out.   

7.    Postings not permitted:
    a.    Credit card solicitations and/or postings
    b.    National, state, or local political messages/postings
    c.    Tobacco advertising/postings
    d.    Alcohol advertising/postings
    e.    Posting on trees, plants or other landscape or hardscape
    f.    Using tape, nails, or glue on any surface to post items
    g.    No items may be posted on exterior building surfaces, including doors
    h.    No posting in elevators
    i.    On emergency exit signs, floors signs, and any life safety or emergency notification equipment such as Alertus Beacons or automated external defibrillators (AEDs)

8.    Any materials posted in non-approved areas or not in accordance with the posting policy are subject to removal at any time. Possible sanctions for groups or organizations found in violation of this policy include the suspension of posting privileges.


1.    General process for posting of flyers:
    a.    Submit one original flyer for approval at least 7 business days prior to the event date.
        a.    All postings must be approved by a professional staff member in one of the following offices:
            1.    Director of Student Development and Engagement (RAS 428)
            2.    Student Affairs professional staff (RAS 4th floor office)
            3.    Student Success Center administrative assistant (RAS 4th floor office)
    b.    Once approved and flyer has been stamped, provide the Student Affairs Office with 40 copies of the approved flyers for posting. All flyers must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office by noon on Wednesday and will be posted by Friday.
            1.    Student Affairs will oversee the posting and removal of flyers.

2.    Authorization of postings:

    a.    Authorization involves a review of the content of the item to be posted to ensure that it is informative/educational and in accordance with STLCOP values; free of offensive language, offensive art work, references to alcohol, and/or references to illegal substances
    b.    Authorization involves a stamp of approval that includes the date when the item must be removed (within 3 business days after the date specified on the event date) by the sponsoring group or individual
    c.    Original materials should be brought for approval before making multiple copies

Procedures for submitting to video boards:

    1.    Using a pre-approved Power Point slide designated for use on videoboards, edit the content to include information about your event (text, photos, and graphics). Include who/what/when/where.
        i.    Save slide as a PDF and email the designated representative for your department (see in Appendix A).
        ii.    The PDF must be submitted by noon on Wednesday and will be uploaded by Friday.
        iii.    Marketing reserves the right to delete content from videoboards at any time.

Procedures for Table Tents

    1.    Submit one original table tent for approval at least 10 business days prior to the event date.
        a.      All table tents must be approved by a professional staff member in one of the following offices:
            1.    Director of Student Development and Engagement (RAS 428)
            2.    Student Affairs professional staff (RAS 4th floor office)
        b.      Once approved and table tent has been stamped, the student may make 40 copies to post in the RAS Café (one table tent for every other table).
        c.      Students may post the table tents on a Monday
        d.      The Food Services staff will remove the table tents on the following Sunday



Violations of this policy will be adjudicated under the processes set forth in the St. Louis College of Pharmacy Code of Conduct.

Groups or individuals responsible for violations will be assessed the actual cost of cleanup and any necessary repairs.  The minimum charge will be $50 with additional actions and fees possible in more serious cases.






Student Affairs/Events /Operations

Post new flyers and remove outdated flyers from posting areas

Student Affairs/Events/ Operations

Communicate posting policy to the community


Templates for Video Boards and Table tents

Policy Contacts:


Contact Information

Andrea Guimaraes

Macy Russell