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Name: Paid Time Off for Center of Clinical Pharmacology Lab Staff Policy - Interim
Responsible Office: Human Resources Office

Applies to: (examples; Faculty,Staff, Students, etc)


Policy Overview:

Issued: 05-01-2017
Next Review Date: 05-16-2020
Frequency of Reviews: Every 2 Years

St. Louis College of Pharmacy lab staff will be working directly with lab staff employed by Washington University in the Center for Clinical Pharmacology.  Due to business needs of the research center hours and days of operation will differ from the rest of STLCOP campus.  The Center will be open the week between Christmas and New Years’s Day and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  This policy adjusts paid time off guidelines to bring vacation and holiday benefits into alignment given those business needs.  Center of Clinical Pharmacology lab staff receive additional vacation days, but fewer STLCOP holidays.

Applies to St. Louis College of Pharmacy staff who hold a benefits eligible, full-time research lab staff position at the Center for Clinical Pharmacology.




Lab Staff

Lab staff positions have primary duties and responsibilities in faculty led research labs.  Positions perform experiments, run tests, document, prepare materials, conduct projects, or coordinate research.  Position titles may include: research technician, senior research technician, staff scientist, senior scientist, or research laboratory manager.


The following policies impact staff time off benefits:

Holidays – Lab Staff – Center for Clinical Pharmacology

Full time, benefits eligible lab staff get the following holidays designated for the College by the President. The Center of Clinical Pharmacology at St. Louis College of Pharmacy observes the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

Labor Day

Martin Luther King Day

Thanksgiving Day and Friday after

Memorial Day

Christmas Day

July 4th


Lab staff may use vacation days according to the vacation policy for other days the rest of the STLCOP campus is closed (Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and the week between Christmas day and New Year’s Day).

Vacation Accrual– Lab Staff – Center for Clinical Pharmacology

Unless otherwise authorized, all regular full-time, benefits eligible lab staff employees in the Center for Clinical Pharmacology working 37.5 hours a week (1.0 FTE) accrue vacation as follows: 20 days a year.  The accrual rate is 1.67 days a month.

A benefits eligible lab staff-person working less than 1.0 FTE will have the number of vacation days reduced proportionately.




Director, Human Resources

Review and update benefits, manage communications

Payroll Manager/Business Office

Manage payroll accruals

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Daniel Bauer

Director, Human Resources

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